We are always fitting sliding wardrobes in all sorts of different styles of property; from a bungalow on the coast to an apartment in town and all stops in between. This is not unusual and we have the experience to come up with a solution in all cases.

We can keep it simple and just fit the sliding doors to re-vamp your wardrobe, or include a host of accessories as you wish in your made to measure sliding wardrobe. The experience is all here!


Our experience with sliding wardrobes is second to none and we are not fazed by any situation, there have been a couple of occasions when we have been taken a little bit by surprise.

We would say that the majority of our customers are looking to make the most of their space, and for us to design the sliding wardrobe interior to suit our customers needs is second nature, no surprise there.

Quite often the division of space between a couple sharing a sliding door wardrobe is fifty fifty in design and twenty five seventy five in practice. In any case the decision is often shared in layout, and importantly colours. However, when there is a large selection colours for a sliding wardrobe to choose from, men tend to go colour blind and get confused, no surprise there.


The big surprise for us is the customers that have a sliding door wardrobe installed as a surprise for their other half – wow.

Now just imagine that, would you consider coming home to find a new sliding wardrobe in your bedroom a perfect surprise?

Can you imagine your partner doing that?


Yes, absolutely true. We had instructions to not arrive until after their partners had left for work and be finished before they got home.

Hat’s off and full credit to (in these cases) the gentlemen concerned, either very brave or insightful in their choices of colours and layout for their sliding wardrobes.

We know the sliding wardrobe installations were well received. We have returned to one customer to fit another bedroom with sliding wardrobes and we are fitting a sliding wardrobe for a family member of the other customer.


Whichever way you see this surprise, the one thing that can not be denied is the tremendous gift of space and style a sliding door wardrobe can give to your bedroom.

Sliding wardrobe chrome frame

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