Mirror Sliding Wardrobes.

The wardrobe of today, Mirror Sliding wardrobes are extremely popular, and its easy to see why!

Fitted Mirror Sliding Wardrobes.

Mirror sliding wardrobes have always been popular, but even more so nowadays. Traditionally a mirror has always been useful in the bedroom when getting ready to go out. A three door wardrobe would often be a mirror in the middle and colours (or wood panels) either side. There are more popular and varied reasons for mirror sliding wardrobes now.
The mirrors can often reflect natural light from a nearby window into the bedroom, which can really keep the atmosphere lighter for longer during the day. Mirror sliding wardrobes can add great depth to a room, though this depends where the wardrobe is situated, but clever use of a ‘feature wall’ can accentuate the feeling of depth mirrors can bring.
On a more practical level sliding mirror doors offer neutrality to a bedroom that emphasises the decoration in the room. Whether the decor is soft cappuccino colours, hints of red or shades of green, the mirrors reflect the same and stay neutral to the many makeovers a bedroom may have over the years.
Always good design practice, if you are unsure how you may want to develop your bedroom decor, is to keep the number of colours coming off the wardrobe to a minimum.
At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we are often asked if we install sliding mirror wardrobes, because ‘we do not see many pictures of them in your Gallery.’ The answer is emphatically yes, sliding mirror wardrobes are more popular than ever.
All of the pictures in our Gallery are of our customers sliding wardrobes that we have installed. They are not generic pictures, showroom shots or computer generated images, they are of real wardrobes fitted in real houses. Consequently in the real world, often the angle of the shot is impossible or the decor in the room is ‘work in progress’ and the reflection detracts from the elegance of the mirror doors.
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