At this time of year we all look to have a spring clean, de-clutter and spruce up every room in the house. Simply Sliding Wardrobes can expertly help in the most important room in your house, the bedroom. Sliding wardrobes will solve not only a perenial spring cleaning issue, but do so for many years to come.

Recent studies have found that your state of mind at the very beginning of the day can determine how relaxed and stress free you can be for the rest of the day. That is not entirely surprising, but the studies found that your bedroom environment played a large part in that state of mind. A neat and tidy bedroom, especially reducing the amount of clutter and having a place for everything, tucked away in a sliding wardrobe will definitely help that state of mind.


The over-crowded free-standing wardrobes of many mis-matched colours. The boxes and bags on top catch your eye as the sun flows through the window and pick up the layer of dust. The drawer unit with the dodgy handle with the drawer at the bottom that you don’t like to open because it is so difficult to close again.

Sliding wardrobes fitted floor to ceiling is what you deserve to wake up to. Colours to spare and a smooth running system that you will love from day one.


Remember at Christmas when you were looking for that special jacket/dress/shirt and had to find something else because it had fallen down in the back of the wardrobe, and wasn’t ready to wear.

You desrve the interior of your new sliding door wardrobe designed with you, to your requirements. Made to measure not made to fit. Drawers, shelves, hanging rails and accessories expertly designed in a way that suits your needs.


Spring is certainly here with bank holidays coming thick and fast. Our attention automatically turns to outside and the lovelly weather on the horizon. We fully expect to maximise our time outside. Waking up each morning in a relaxed frame of mind will enhance your enjoyment of the day ahead. Now is the time to de-clutter your bedroom and get that sliding wardrobe designed and installed by the experts. Why subject your summer fashions to the wardrobes you have, they desrve better.


We think now is the time to spring into action and book your designer appointment and get your sliding door wardrobe quotation organised and plan your installation.

We currently have a Spring Sale on now, please see our Special Offers page for details.

Spring into action – get your Simply Sliding Wardrobes designed and installed – your clothes deserve them, your bedroom deserves them, YOU deserve them!


Sliding wardrobe

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