Every home is individual, every wardrobe is individual, and every wardrobe installation is made to measure by our own skilled installers. Each installation comes with its own challenges and takes different lengths of time to complete. Simply Sliding Wardrobes knows this well and our installers are very prepared for every eventuality, that is why we are very confident that we will complete the installation within the specified day(s). Naturally, every wardrobe is installed to the same high standard for every customer.

When setting out on an installation, the fitters normally arrive at the customer’s home at 8am. Once there, they go through the paperwork with the customer to make sure everything is in order for the installation.

One of the key things the fitters do as they approach the room where the wardrobe is to be fitted, is to assess the route and area for anything that may hinder access or be at risk of damage. You take care of your home, and you would expect us to take care of it also.

The fitters will lay dust sheets down in the working area and over the bed and when the installation is complete, they will clean and hoover up afterwards (with our hoover, not yours!). You can leave our fitters to carry on with their work for the day, they may be able to give you an estimated finish time or some notice when they’re coming towards the end of the installation.

All wardrobes are fitted to walls and ceilings which may not be level, so part of the skill of an installer is being able to create a true and level framework for your sliding doors. In doing so, they need to cut and shape board in the room for the installation. Some parts of the sliding wardrobe such as drawer units and shelf units are made in our factory for accuracy, others parts such as shelves are scribed to the walls on-site (during the installation).

Once the installation is complete, our fitters will ensure that the room is clean and tidy, they will then show the customer the fully finished wardrobe. Then the fitters will discuss with the customer matters such asĀ maintenance and any questions the customer may have about the wardrobe. From there, the customer is free to enjoy their brand new sliding wardrobe.

During these current times of Covid-19, our fitters are fully aware of how to keep our customers safe. They will only have contact with you wearing a mask, they have hand sanitizer with them and will use that regularly during the day. They are self sufficient and will decline kind offers of refreshments. They will open the windows in the room where the installation is taking place, for ventilation. They will also endevour to observe the 2-metre rule.

It is possible that our fitters may need to use the toilet facilities, please identify which facilities they should use on arrival.

If you have any particular requirements or requests, please contact the office in advance of your installation.

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