The Ideal Home Show is still on until 30th March with many great ideas and innovations for your home and garden. Prevoking thought for new layouts, styles and technologies that will change how you treat your living space.


Sliding wardrobes are again at the Ideal Home Show which is no surprise because if there is one improvment everyone is looking for is the ability to space save. Whether it is a new technology that will make a gadget smaller or a clever add-on that removes the need for a gadget entirely we all strive to reduce the space we take up and increase the time we have be doing what we want to do not what we have to do.


The Ideal Home Show is now over 100 years old and has seen many innovations over  that time, including the transformation of sliding door wardrobes and all of the interior gadgetry they can contain. The sliding wardrobe certainly ticks the box when it comes to saving floor space in your bedroom, but the key to maximising the capacity of your sliding wardrobe is in the design. Everyone has a different lifestyle and the Ideal Home Show can be said to be a celebration of this, otherwise there would be one of everything and they would all  be the same colour!

In the same way the interior of your sliding wardrobe must to be tailored to your needs and lifestyle – not to a generic, computer analysed, lowest common denominator, same-for-all soloution! You should not settle for anything less.

We work with you to create the optimum solution for your sliding wardrobe storage. Hanging rails, shelving and drawers are all made to measure and are cleverly designed into your sliding wardrobe to go further to improve your storage capacity than you would expect.


We hope you have been inspired by the Ideal Home Show for colours and creativity, and most importantly to address the project you have been putting off for far too long.

Our sliding wardrobes are available in many different colours, so a new look along with newly created space in your bedroom will give you a new perspective on how your day comes together.

If you would like to put the words ‘Ideal’ to your sliding wardrobe and feel that your bedroom is the best room in your ‘Home’, then give us a call we will ‘Show’ you how it can be done.


Sliding wardrobe

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