We design, manufacture and install made to measure sliding door wardrobes throughout the south east.

This includes the interior, made to measure to your requirements and the sliding doors in a wide choice of colours and styles.


We are sometimes asked for just the sliding doors and tracks. Now, while we do not offer a ‘supply only’ service, we are happy to expertly fit just the sliding doors, tracks and a suitable exterior framework if it is needed.

The reasoning behind needing just the sliding doors is quite varied and explain why sliding door wardrobes are extremely popular today and is the first choice for many households given the opportunity starting from an empty space.


Your existing wardrobe may have hinged doors that are old and tired, but the interior is perfectly well constructed and fit for purpose. Then why create more work by taking it all out and replicating the same interior that has served you for years perfectly well – you won’t get an arguement from us! We can create a framework and fit new sliding doors, giving your wardrobe a well earned makeover.


An unfortunate senario is when you move into a new build property and the developer has created the delightful ‘builders cupboard’ – one shelf and one rail behind two oversized hinged doors. Now you have just moved in and when you get your bed in the room you suddenly realise you are dancing around hinged doors trying to get to your clothes – the room looked bigger when you didn’t open the doors! With a little bit of work we can fit the sliding doors within the hinged door framework and give that valuable floor space back.


From our point of view the worst and most disconcerting reason is the failure of an existing sliding door wardrobe because it has been installed badly. No matter how good the system, if the fitter has cut corners or used poor fitting practice or plainly made it up as they went along, we can tell and we don’t like it. It shortens the life expectancy of your sliding wardrobe doors! Here we take a very careful look at the existing wardrobe and take the necessary action to make sure no inherent faults effect your new sliding wardrobe.


Now we may not appear to be as cheap as the ‘supply only’ sliding wardrobe door companies, but our work does not stop at delivering to your front door!

A free measurement and survey, a choice of exclusive sliding door designs and colours, expert installation and a ten year guarantee on the running of you Simply Sliding Wardrobe doors.

Sliding wardrobe doors, white frame and pure white glass


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