Do you already have a sliding door wardrobe, but the doors are now tired and no longer working properly? Well, then we can sort that out for you no problem.

You see, with Simply Sliding Wardrobes, you don’t have to replace an entire wardrobe because of a faulty door. We are more than happy to fit a replacement for your wardrobe, not just for malfunctioning doors, but replacing hinged doors as well.

If you have a wardrobe with more traditional hinged doors, but you feel that sliding doors would be an improvement for one reason or another, then you can get in touch with us and give your wardrobe an upgrade.

The hinged doors can be detached easily if they are hung within a timber frame, and once accurate measurements are made, the search can begin for a brand new sliding door to take its place.

Mirror Doors – Mirrors can often reflect natural light from a nearby window into the bedroom, which can really keep the atmosphere lighter for longer during the day as well as giving the impression of a more spacious environment.

Grey Sliding Doors – Grey is definitley a shade that springs to mind when discussing a “modern” look, a grey sliding wardrobe’s design evokes subtlety and minimalism. Darker colours are also the perfect contrast to brighter and louder colours which is why we have plenty of both in stock.

Soft Toned Sliding Doors – Adding a touch of flavour to your bedroom can really make it stand out, which is why we make wardrobes with a different combination of soft toned colours. A clash of certain colours such as Mocha, Lilac, and Almond among others to select from. Having a diverse range of colours really allows more options and opportunities to really make something special for your bedroom.

To book a free no obligation designer appointment, either call us on 01622 873223, or send us a message via Facebook to arrange a date and time to meet with our designers at our showroom in East Peckham.

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