Here they are! The new additions to our already extensive range of frame colours are now in stock. Now there are even more options than there already was to customize and design your personal, bespoke sliding door wardrobe.

There’s no such thing as having enough with us; the more diverse resources we have, the better it is for not only Simply Sliding Wardrobes, but for you as well.

You will never find a more extensive selection of colours to choose from than any other sliding wardrobe manufacturing company in the UK, case and point, our stock even includes traditional Oak Effect frames among other Woodgrain finishes.

In addition to having a wide selection of coloured frames, we also have coloured glass, mirrors, and boards to choose from for your new made to measure wardrobe, now with a stylish twist to add to our range. Colours can be considered the coup de grace of a wardrobe’s presentation.

Style and choice is the principle that serves as the basis for our relationship with the customer. Don’t sweat over our approval, go crazy with your ideas!

There is no right or wrong way to go with the customization of a wardrobe, it is all down to personal preference and the approach to the wardrobe’s style and design. Our colours range from soft toned to and neutral, to brighter and louder colours. Our recent additions to our colour stock include Sharp and Polished Graphite, Champagne, and Stone among others.

Colours can be blended to create a distinctive look if you want to be imaginative, or maybe you might want it to be more subtle and simplistic if you’re looking looking for a cosier vibe for your bedroom. You could also create a unique blend with the colours of your wardrobe with the fabrics in the environment.

The sliding wardrobe “Colours” page and the “Gallery” on our website provides a visual reference for our selection to give you a better understanding as to how the wardrobe will look with those colours.

Additionally, mood boards can be used as a way to help figure out the basic concepts and ideas of what you want for your wardrobe’s design and maybe new ideas can be formed during the process, they can be useful for our design team as a means to communicate your ideas tous.

Our services include full on collaboration with the customer, our design team will then use their knowledge to provide guidance for you without straying from the ideal wardrobe design you want from us.

When you book your designer appointment, fully expect our designers to come with a complete set of samples to look at. Or if you would like to visit our showroom, please call us to arrange a convenient time and day for you to visit us and see where the magic comes to life.

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