The Cost of Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Whether you are looking to renovate your bedroom or replace an old wardrobe, sliding wardrobes are a great way to save space and make your bedroom look fresh and modern. The cost of a fitted sliding wardrobe is between £1300 and £3000.

How much a sliding door wardrobe costs depends on a range of factors including the number of doors, door design, width, functionality and materials. This article discusses the different cost factors that impact how much a sliding wardrobe costs to help you budget effectively before you book your no-obligation designer appointment.

How Much Do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost? Sliding Wardrobe Costs by Size

The cost of a 2-door fitted sliding wardrobe starts at £1329, with a 3-door fitted sliding wardrobe costing a minimum of £1579. A larger wardrobe such as a 4-door fitted sliding wardrobe costs around £2129, with a 5-door fitted sliding wardrobe costing a minimum of £2579. The price of a fitted corner sliding wardrobe starts at £2329 and is slightly more expensive because of the complexity of the design and installation.

For more information on the prices of different sliding wardrobe types, see our sliding wardrobe prices.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Cost Factors

 Here are the key factors that impact the cost of a sliding wardrobe:

  • Number of Doors
  • Door Design
  • Materials and Finish
  • Wardrobe Position
  • Interior and Accessories

Number of Doors

The price of a sliding wardrobe will increase in line with the number of doors that are needed. This is simply due to the additional labour and materials required to design, manufacture and install the sliding wardrobe in your home.

Door Design

The design of your sliding doors will also influence the final cost of your wardrobe. There are a wide range of door designs available, including plain – consisting of a single colour or material, or the option to split your doors into thirds, quarters and fifths, or even to have a centre stripe or an off-set stripe on your doors.

As you might expect, the price will increase in line with the complexity of the door design.

Materials and Finish

The materials and finish of your wardrobe is a major factor in how much your wardrobe will cost. For example, a standard finish might include a plain coloured frame, silver mirror doors and a standard interior of Light Calais Oak. This will be less costly than choosing coloured glass or wood effect panels and a custom interior with a premium choice board.

Wardrobe Position

A corner sliding wardrobe is generally more expensive than a wardrobe fitted against a single wall. This is because of the greater complexity in both designing, measuring, manufacturing and installing your wardrobe.

Interior and Accessories

When looking for a brand new sliding wardrobe, it can be easy to focus on the wardrobe exterior when thinking about the price. However, the type of sliding wardrobe interior you choose can vary the final price of your wardrobe.

While there are standard interiors available, there is a range of additional features you can add to your sliding wardrobe including internal drawers, trouser rails, tie and belt rack and even LED rails. These choices will ultimately influence the final price of your wardrobe.


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